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Elite software developers

You can think of SLC DevShop as a special software developer task force, like an Elite team of developers. Our team members have unique and diverse skills, and this cross-functionality lets us successfully complete any mission. All of our clients get their own dedicated Dev Squad,composed of two software engineers, a quality assurance engineer, a scrum master, and a product manager.

Web Applications

We can build anything from enterprise-level software and ecommerce tools to SaaS platforms and web apps.

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Mobile Apps

Mobile app creation requires attention to detail. Our meticulous UI/UX-perts will make you proud.

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Custom Software

Cross-platform development - web, mobile, desktop, embedded, and tools like SDKs, APIs, Drivers, etc..

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Project Rescue

Over 80% of our clients come to us for rescue development. We can quickly get you back on track.

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Our Work

We've worked with businesses of every size; from one person startups, to Fortune 500 enterprises, universities and non-profits. Here is a sample of some of our recent work.

PROLINE RANGE HOOD: A Midsize Manufacturer Increases Productivity

Proline is one the biggest range hood manufacturers in US. They have their own extensive product line that they also drop-ship for resellers. They needed CRM functionality integrated with inventory control and shipping management software. We freed Proline from an inefficient, manual, spreadsheet-heavy process by building custom software that fit their exact needs.

USSKI: Managing a National Competitive Sports Organization

USSKI manages a $20 million dollar training facility, nearly 500 individual ski clubs, and the regulatory aspect of the sport of skiing in the US. They were also managing a lot of fragmented data, and needed custom software to integrate and automate multiple systems. We helped build that software using a lean, efficient process.

Screening Source: Paving the Way for Franchisees

Screening Source provides background check and drug testing services for large companies. While planning to franchise their business, they were saddled with a fragmented and outdated online ordering system that was not ready for prime time. We built an integrated web application that resolved these issues and helped Blueline attract new customers.

Zoubs: Hassle Free! Hiring Management Platform

Zoubs is an easy and efficient cloud-based hiring management software that saves hiring managers time, effort, and money. Zoubs allows their users to post jobs for hundreds of job boards at once, manage candidates, easily screen applicants, and automate all recruiting workflow!

We helped Zoubs build an exceptional software as a service.

Our Process


1. Lets Meet

Let's meetup at our office in Salt Lake City or Skype and discuss about your vision and the problem you want to solve.

2. Storyboarding

Form user stories that clearly define the scope of projects and ensure both parties know what they are getting into.

3. Prototyping and UX

Our design team creates the wireframes for the user stories using your feedback and comes up with the designs we will be building on.

4. Sprints

Our product development cycle is divided into many sprints, which include Sprint Planning and daily standups.On Fridays we have a sprint conclusion demo and a retrospective.

5. Feedback

A staging server is set to deploy the latest code we push. You can check the status of your project anytime on our staging server and provide feedback.

6. Acceptance

Once we deliver a user story, you can test it on our staging server and accept the story or provide more feedback.

7. Completion

Once all the stories have been accepted by you, we prepare the project for delivery and give you a documentation of our work.

about us

You hold the key to successful communities, successful individuals, and a better world. We believe that businesses are the engines that make the world a better place for everybody. SLC DevShop is high octane fuel for your business engine. We want to work with you to take your business and the rest of the world to a better place!

Our developers and designers create cutting edge web applications using the proven Agile Scrum process and modern, reliable technology.

We have been in business long enough to know what really counts in a good relationship. We take the time to understand your business and care about its success. You're not just a client, you're a business partner. We act as your in-house team away from home. It’s a relationship that you can count on.

We're based in Salt Lake City--the fastest growing tech community in the world--and we'd love for you to visit. We'll show you the best ski spots if you do!

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